Prefix is a club formed by a group of portrait photography enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

There is no fee to join Club Prefix, and membership can only be obtained by submitting photography or participating in specific activities.

The number of members is limited, and each year members can receive free souvenirs and chance to purchase limited products or participate to members-only events.

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The views shared by the community is to show the true self.

Our photography- real (raw), avant-garde, bold and a bit self-centered. We are just doing what we like. 

We like the moment that the shutter is pressed and the flash-light is blinking.

We love portrait.

Without people, there are no emotions can be expressed.

You don't have to tell us what you like, we just want you to show us what you like. Keep it up!

Join us and just Enjoy! We'll Take care the rest for you!

CLUB PREFIX is one of the official partners of the PREFIX PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS.


In addition to bonus prizes, Awards winners will also receive CLUB PREFIX [Gold Level] membership*.


*[Gold Level] Membership is for two years.