What is Negation Normal Form?

"To put it very simply, be yourself."
"Do we all have to give the same answer?"
"We don't blindly believe that all our answers must be the same."
"Sometimes not having an answer is also an answer, and most of the time we are exploring the answer we want to give."
"Because there is no standard answer, it allows us to find our own answer."
We don't think all answers must be consistent or the same, but rather we pursue more diversity and creative possibilities. This can add more colors to the world.

"Seeking breakthroughs in creation, but that doesn't mean we only make wired things."
"It's not a negation for the sake of negative."
"We are not a negation for the sake of negative."
"We should all do what we love, chasseing and approaching what we want."
It's not about deliberately opposing, rejecting or negativing something, but rather trying to be centered on each person's self, pursuing authentic thoughts, and genuinely expressing oneself without deliberately catering to others.

"Each time when we express ourselves or make a choice, it is normal to accompanied by a certain sense of loneliness and confusion."
"And each negation and being negated is an opportunity to rethink. Shall we continue?"
Each "unease" and "negation" can actually allow people to recognize themselves more clearly and rethink their existing values and way of life.
Negation Normal Form® was born under this kind of idea.

We encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness, boldly express their inner pursuits, and not be constrained by concepts.
"Our clear and definite philosophy makes our works full of courage and confidence."

"Why Not?" and "Be Yourself" are our slogans, we often ask and answer these questions for ourselves.
With this self-questioning, it has created the possibilities for Negation Normal Form, breaking through the established framework and truly expressing our own ideas.

Whether you love trends or are a non-conformist, we hope to provide assistance and a stage for you to truly express yourself.
"We are not freaks or rigid, but we dare to be ourselves without deliberately catering."

"Our works may be within common sense, or very novel, but this probably just reflects our philosophy - that there is no specific framework, and we are not trying to be different from others for the sake of being different."
Not only in the design field, but we also hope to bring inspiration to everyone's life attitudes.
"To be yourself, embrace your own thoughts, value your true self, and live your life in the way you like."
This is the message and idea that the Negation Normal Form® brand wants to convey to everyone.
"Please be yourself."

Negation Normal Form® was established in the UK and collaborates with designers in Japan and Hong Kong who hold similar ideas, setting up studios together to explore and propose more viable creative ideas.

Be Bold. Be True. Be Yourself.