The Great Tengu, your gateway to the culture of Japan (Both traditional and contemporary)

Great Tengu is a brand and culture studio ("club") for the culture of Japan, established in Reiwa Gannen (2019), originated in Kagawa, Japan, by a group of artists and enthusiasts dedicated to explore the culture of Japan- its art, folktales, quality, aesthetics, etc. 


Our primary mission is to be your Torii ( a gateway to the Orient and also the Occident)-

  1. to introduce Japanese culture in a beautiful ("classic") and pleasing ("easy") way,
  2. to develop the traditions of our time,
  3. to blend Japanese and different aesthetics.


Hence, we, the Great Tengu, have not limited ourselves to the boundaries of Japan. We have spread our wings and ventured into new places and fields, by setting up studios in various locations which allow for convenient and seamless cooperation between those from diverse backgrounds.


We also encourage artists and artisans to experiment with different mediums, methods, styles, and techniques. By collaborating with artists and studios from different backgrounds, we are developing traditions and culture of our time with fellow participants. We wish this exchange of cultural knowledge not only enriches the art itself but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture.


By happy collaborations, we can create works that bridge the gap between the past and the present, the Oriental and the Occident, offering a fresh perspective on Japanese culture.


Great Tengu is not just a brand, Preserving has always been at the centre of our spirit, we are committed to pass on traditional culture and materials- such as books, data, digital information and video clips. Great Tengu as a culture studio ("club"), one of our goals is to study and edit those materials, and through creative and efforts to enable our culture and traditions not only preserved, but also, adapted to modern life and continue to develop.


We create things that are based on traditions and things that have never been seen before.


We invite you to discover our world, and to join us.