The Great Tengu Fan - A Unique Fusion of Japanese Legend and Contemporary Craftsmanship.


This is not just a fan; it is a cultural legend co-created by GREAT TENGU® and GENKAIIN.

The inspiration for this fan comes from the influential role played by the Great Tengu in Japanese folklore.


The Art and Collaboration

From in-depth cultural research to precise design and professional production, each step embodies reverence for tradition and innovation in modern craftsmanship. The cultural research team ensures that every detail remains faithful to the legend. The research findings are transformed into illustrations by GREAT TENGU®'s professional artists and then accurately transformed into physical form through the modern craftsmanship techniques of GENKAIIN.

Whether you are an art collector or an appreciator of unique gifts, The Great Tengu's Fan will be your ideal choice.

When you gently wave the fan, it is not just a refreshing breeze; it is the flow of power that makes your style and taste truly unique.

It is not just an artwork; it is an experience of cultural heritage.

Please feel the power within it, as it will bring you an extraordinary experience.

Editions and Limited Quantity

The fan comes in a standard edition made of resin and a metal version that holds great collection value. Each is a limited edition, adding unique value to your collection.

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